Random Lockscreen Wallpapers

Hi guys…i am building a wallpaper app. I just want to ask if there is any feature or extention available where user can select categories of his interest and set it as lockscreen wallpaper. The wallpapers will load online in the background and change on lockscreen periodically. (Similar like glance app)

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Can this extension solve my query? I didn’t understand, is there any tutorial? My query is user just have to set interested topics manually only once, after that he will see new lockscreen wallpapers set automatically from airtable everytime he locks the phone. He don’t have to open app to set wallpapers.

I will upload daily wallpapers on airtable. Images from airtable will be set as lockscreen wallpaper and updated in background every 10 minutes. The wallpapers should not fill up users storage and should be cleared automatically.

I will be happy to buy if you help.

first of all change your category from extension to discuss
second, kodular or any other app inventor related platforms, do not work in the background. So you won’t be able to change wallpaper while your app is closed

maybe using background extension somehow solve this issue.

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yes it will solve you have to do this process in background

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