Please Rate The UI For My New App…

Please Rate The UI

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Please Rate The UI Of App

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If any improvement then tell me


Use card view instead of simple layout. It will give more professional look. Also, try another fonts from https://fonts.google.com, such as Montserrat, Balsamiq Sans, Noto Sans JP.

Just a suggestion for the betterment of UI. :slight_smile:


Thanks For Your Suggestion

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I have also created a educational app you can see it here.
You can refer for UI


Currently this is in development I am working on it, If you need Apk for testing PM me.:wink:


can you show me splash screen of ur app

Yes, sure

Sorry for background sound

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nice look of splash screen

Thanks, :wink:

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I like your side menu. Can you share some information how you get it started from top because mine starts from the middle of the screen and also how did you make separations in there. I saw lines in between options.

Good UI.

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I made a custom side bar

Set vertical arrangement alignment to top.

Where ever you need the line use an arrangement set height to 1px and bgcolour to black or related to your theme.

Btw, thanks for appreciation. :wink:

Nice ui but fonts are not good.

My suggested fonts: Open Sans light

Good work :grinning:

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