"Rate this app" Dialog

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #1

Hi! :wave:

I was recently asked by an user how to ask end users to rate the app (this example is currently in Spanish, but it can be easily translated)
As this method didn’t take me too long to do, I wanted to share it here

Dialog Preview

This method mades usage of the following components:

  • Notifier: Shows the dialog
  • TinyDB: Stores some data
  • Activity Starter: Launches Play Store
  • Vertical Arrangement with Label, Rating Bar, Checkbox and Spacer: Design of the dialog

In fact, blocks are quite simple:

  1. When Screen initializes, we generate the Dialog (so Vertical Arrangement becomes invisible to the user) and we fetch data from TinyDB
  2. If the launch counter is equal or greater than 5 (this can be changed at any time) and we have never displayed the dialog, we display it
  3. We increase the launch counter by 1
  4. When user clicks on Dialog, if response is “Si” (Yes), we launch Play Store to the app URL (or Kodular Store URL) and we set in TinyDB to not display again
    If response is “No” and user clicked the “Do not ask again” checkbox, we store in the app to not display dialog again

Here you can find the APK, AIA and AIS to test it by yourself:

Fell free to modify it and share your improvements in this topic! :smile: