Rate us! [POPUP]


Hello Koders, today, we will build a rating popup message.


Here is how the end result will look like:

Let’s get Kodin’


Uploading assets

First, we shall upload the assets.
I will use two external files:

  • Graphic for the background
  • Font file (TTF)

Okay, let’s upload those 2 files.
I am using Roboto 300 which you can download from here.

Building the design

Okay, let’s design it.
First, add a Vertical Arrangement.
Make it 290x310 px (WxH) (for my graphic)
Make the background the graphic you are using.
Set Align Horizontal to Center

Add a space, with the height 80px.

Followed by a label:

  • Text: Enjoying the app?
  • Font: Roboto-Light + Check the bold option in the designer
  • Font size: 25px

Then, another space, height: 8px.

Below the second space, add a label.

  • Text: Would you mind rating us?
  • Font: Roboto-light
  • Font size: 14px

Another space…

  • Height: 10px

Rating bar.

  • BG colour: #9E9E9EFF
  • Star colour: #3491F2FF


  • Height: 15px

Horizontal arrangement:

-width: 70%
-height: automatic
-align horizontal: center

  • Cardview1
    -bg colour: #3491F2FF
    -corner radius: 5
    -align horizontal: center
    -align vertical: center
    Full Clickable

  • Space
    -width: 1%

  • Cardview2
    -bg colour: #FFFFFFFF
    -corner radius: 5
    -align horizontal: center
    -align vertical: center
    Full Clickable

Then, put a label in cardview1:

  • Text: Rate
  • Font: Roboto-Light
  • Font colour: #FFFFFFFF
  • Font size: 18px

Label in Cardview2:

  • Text: Later
  • Font: Roboto-Light
  • Font colour: #000000FF
  • Font size: 18px


  • height: 5px


  • Light Theme

Activity Starter:

  • action: android.intent.action.VIEW

Package utilities



Download the finished product from here:

RatePopup.aia (224.8 KB)
RatePopup_Screen1.ais (3.4 KB)
RatePopup (1).apk (5.4 MB)

Graphic (copyright free, made by myself, find license here):

graphic.zip (134.1 KB)

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Nice Guide, but if the button size is little small it will look better. I think so


Nice guide. :+1::+1::+1:

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Nice guide

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Very good guide.
Like to read guides in kodular and more extensions I am removing.

My goal is to get the same functionality of my app, with zero extensions.

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Great, but sometimes you really can’t use 0 extensions. Like when you want to get a thumbnail from a video, or make dynamic arrangement

Btw, great guide!! You may also set to other Data Uri so that not only rating in Google play store.

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In your .apk you forgot to call the openRatingBar procedure. It doesn’t show anything when you.open the app.

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Yes, you are right. Will update it in a moment.




Nice. I like it very much that some users have taken it upon them volunteerly to make these exellent guides, but also the DC’s. Keep it up and thx!


You are right, I was exaggerated.

maybe 2 extensions at most.

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Nice guide keep it up.