Rating bar in Dynamic Card View for user's publications

Topic: Rating bar in dynamic cardview with storage in firebase database

Good morning everyone, would someone help me with something?

I want to create an application similar to amazon or tripadvisor, I need help on how to implement the rating bar component.

my idea is to put a rating bar in a dynamic cardview of users so that other users can rate them.

In other words, I have a screen with a dynamic cardview of users with their photo and name and I want to apply a rating bar to that cardview, where the average of users’ ratings appears, something similar to ecommerce pages.

I am using firebase database.

thank you

You can’t add rating bar in dynamic cardview.

You can do this with rating bar component after rating store rating stars in firebase.

ohh yes I understand, my problem is that I have a blank screen, which has a vertical layout and within that layout I have the cardview component.
The operation is as follows:
The user presses the category “shirts”, that takes him to a blank screen2 and the dynamic cardview that brings the information from firebase, of the different shirts, begins to appear, each of these cards has the photo of the shirt, the brand and the price. I need a rating bar below that to appear on that article with the average user ratings.
I attach an image of how I want the cardview to appear
how can i do it? please help me.Its possible with kodular?

Sin tĂ­tulo

You can’t make rating bar as shown in image 1 with Kodular in-built components as Dynamic rating bar component is not possible but you can make rating bar as shown in image 2 easily.

If you plan to use in-built components, then you can’t achieve this as in-built Dynamic Components doesn’t supports all components.

However, you can use my Dynamic Components extension that allows you to create any component in any arrangement that exists in your AI2 distribution (in this case Kodular) without any requirement.

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Thanks a lot my friend! I will try to do that way!

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