RaxTools - App with bunch of tools

I am developing a app which have bunch of tools which may help you . But app is in development can anyone tell is interface good or i need to focus more on interface.

I can’t see any image.

Only my device is misbehaving or others too can’t see it.

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It looks like you didn’t add any images for the app.So we can’t tell you if its interface is good or not.

Also ( if its under devolopment) change the category to #discuss as it’ isn’t a completed app yet.
BTW, welcome to the community @yash_rana_is_here


Hello @yash_rana_is_here, Welcome to Kodular Community

I have changed your topic category from #koded to #discuss as your app is not yet completed so you can’t able to provide apk file or app link and you wants users to rate your app interface with app screenshots only.

And you have not added screenshots also. Please them first