Re: How to get JSON data from an Api

Can anyone plz help me getting TITLE, IMAGE, SUMMARY, URL from the posts published on using the API URL
I want to create dynamic card view with the above things in a vertical scroll arrangement…exactly like what have been done in the GUIDE

BUT, i don’t know what changes i have to make in the blocks that i have exactly copied from the guide…

is your url correct and also show your blocks

** The blocks are exactly same as in the guide i just have changed the Web1 url to

and ya my url is correct

Why do you expect it to work? The json is completely different. You have to read the structure and understand how the data should be processed.

I know…but actually i dont have enough info about APIs dictionaries and list…also i don’t what is the use of INDEX in lists…

For example can u plz tell me if i want to get the SLUG value from the URL

then whatt should be the blocks to extract that…

download jsontools from here - JSONTools Extension
and do like this -

It is showing errors like this:

URL used:-

you are using GetIntValue you need to use GetStringValue

Try something like this

Ya…that was my mistake but now after correcting it .its returning blank value

are you sure??

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ya… i am sure

then try what @dora_paz mentioned

its returning this error

hmm idk what is it

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY IDK I didn’t get it,

No need to shout ! Please it is not polite to use Caps in community. It means that he doesn’t know . Try to change global variable to create empty list


why it is not working for you it worked for me

result -

Thanks…it worked but actually that was too basic for me and i want to create something like this: