Reach last row of google sheets

Hi everyone i’m Memori,
I need your help about my app.
I am using Spreadsheet extension v2 for access to google sheets.
So here is my question. How can i reach the last row index of lastest row.
When i add values to google sheets index increases everytime as you already know.
I need to reach “7” in this picture because last row is 7 as you see.
Do i need to download all list then check them one by one until found the empty row’s index then subtract 1 from that index to find that row or is there much more simple way to do it ?

Is there any way to do it without extension or is there any way to do it with google sheets script ?

Thank you all for your replies.
Regards - Memori

I hope you will be getting all the col values in screen initial so just use length of the list block.

When I en got text
Set global last row index to list from CSV row table text to get responseContent

yes you can do this by length of list block

1st > call all cell values

2nd > then use subtraction block from math section like this

legnth of list(8) - 1 = 7

you got 7

Thanks everyone for helping.

pls ref to that

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