Read all firebase tags(son),(grandsoon)

Hello everyone. I’m beginner on Kodular and I need help please. I need read all tag in Firebase table “alunos” that I don´t know how many will have for after this read the tag “data” of each than. Thank you everyone that will may help me. alunos1 alunos2

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well for this you need 2 or more firebase components for easy method, first one will set project bucket as alunos and get tag list, and after got tag list , for each item in list, set forebase 2 project bucket to alunos/each item/dados and get tag list and whn firebase 2 get tag list , for each item in list, call get data with tag(get item) and when got data add get value to a list and your all data will be stored in to a list and you my need to use some tricks to divide or split data from that list.

Hello my dear friend, thank you for your answer but I cant imagine how I do this. Seeing you answer I imagine is very dificult for a begginer, even having college and seven yars in this area. Do you have some project similar that I can see? If you dont I will change the structure of my data base to facilitate. Once again I say thank you.

i will try to find or create blocks when i will be free.

You can do it with only one firebase component.

I made a similar copy of your firebase data structure.

Anotación 2020-03-27 2xh1702

Then I used these blocks:

In tag 1 you get the values of 1

You have to change the value of the variable numerAluno, in the example I put the value 2 and get the values of 2. If I put the value 1 so I get all the values of 1

Anotación 2020-03-28 174140

The result is this

You get the values in a list on the label 1

Then with the list you can do whatever you want… put it in a listview or a label or whatever

I don`t have words to say thank you for you spend of your time fo help me. I believe that this way that you showed me will work but I needed know how many “alunos” and how to get all because sometimes will have: 1, 2, 4, 7…this is code of student(aluno). I will try learn the programming lenguage Kotlin for do this. Again I say thank you.

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In Firebase, inside “alunos” you keep only numbers? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9… ?
Or do you also save any other data?

There’s something wrong with firebase that doesn’t allow me to get all the tags if there are only numbers inside.

If I have the structure like this, only with numbers:
Anotación 2020-03-28 204724
It doesn’t let me get anything from inside “alunos”

But if I add a tag with any value below the numbers, then I get all the values.

So I add a “counter” tag with any value (1, for example):

Anotación 2020-03-28 215452

Anotación 2020-03-28 215533

Anotación 2020-03-28 204618
When I get all the tags, if they are all numbers, the last one is the tag “counter”. So I remove the last value from the list of the tags. And there you have the values of all the alunos.

You can put all those values in a Picker and when you select 1, you get the data of that aluno.

The blocks would look something like this:

This way the values of each aluno will appear in the Spinner and when you select it you get all the data.


Only numbers that is a codigo of aluno and inside will have all of information.

Okay, then follow the instructions of what I put in the previous message. I did some tests and it works perfectly.

Nice, I will try. Thank you.

yes you are right if all tags are numbers only you will not get any data, there must be any alphabetic tag to get all.

I was going crazy wanting to get the numbers hehe
Thank you!

haha, same here i have spent a whole day after that and then realize this.

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