"Read from" (File component) needs permission to read a .txt file from specific app directory

Is it a normal behaviour?

Yes , the file component needs the write permission for writing files to the app specific directory , and the read permission for reading from the app specific directory,seems that it is a bug , see here:

Fortunately , there is an extension here :point_down::

That doesn’t need a permission to read /write files in the app specific directory.


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Yes File Component Need READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Permission

Thanks for the fast answer. This is what i need! I saw these threads about being it a bug. But didn’t find further informations.

Ok, my bad

But it shouldn’t, if a request comes from specifc app directory. Text sample from Android Documentation:

On Android 4.4 (API level 19) or higher, your app doesn’t need to request any storage-related permissions to access app-specific directories within external storage. The files stored in these directories are removed when your app is uninstalled.

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