Read Specific Directory without asking permission

how to read the Specific Directory without asking permission… give a block example … please help … I tried various ways but still have permission to read specific directory… I don’t like

You can’t read/write in device storage without user consent.

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mods pls cose this topic as this is not possible at all

To ASD (app-specific directory) you can read, write without permission…

Did you try to search for it…

@bodymindpower might be able to help you with it.

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yes I use the DownloadToASD extension. but asking permission READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to display it

You don’t need to ask permission from the user to read/write to the Application Specific Directory. AND you’re not able to access other Application Specific Directories!

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yes … my application reads on its own ASD … but still ask permission

What should it be displayed with?

image components

Yes, the image component incorrectly requires READ permission even for the ASD. The same with AI2.

Note: I’m pretty sure this will change when Kodular targets API 30 (Aug 2021).


I can’t wait … :joy: btw. does this also apply to pdf viewer? if not then i will convert the file to pdf

It depends where the PDF Viewer accepts files from.

okay I will try to experiment :joy:

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