Reading a camera connected on OTG USB

I would like to know if is possible create a APP in Kodular to read and show on screen the image of the a camera connected on the USB OTG of the mobile?

The camera is a borescope (YouTube).


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why? they are giving app then why you need to develop another?

Hi, samiu8336, thanks!

I know. But my idea is the development of the camera pan tilt hardware, connected to mobile phone into a VR glass.
The video camera will send by USB OTG the video, and by bluetooth of the mobile phone connected with arduino, the app will send the pan tilt comands to servos. So i will use the mobile sensor to control the pan tilt.
I hope be clear!

i dont have much knowloedge about that, but there are components in kodular, you can check them.

in connectivity section,