Reading text file from file component, Got an error

I did this to read txt file :

But i got an error :
The file/storage/emulated/0/download/abcd.txt could not be found

I checked the directory and there is abcd.txt file too .


Did you ask permission? Write storage and access storage???

Save file as = /abcd.txt

Add a / symbol before the name.
And it will be in the download folder

@Still-learning Still same error is showing

I tried it but still same error

Download url block, try to put in after clicking any button. And try

what files did you download ?.
spreadsheet or document?

Tried but same error.


When download , it is a txt file.
If i use sample txt file too :
Its not working. Same error

I did this and it sucessfully read the text.
Thankyou @sugarlesscreator and @Still-learning for the responses.

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