Real Money Games ( Billion $)

Why real money games app are not allowed in playstore? Why all big real money gamings are uploaded in website.

Real money gaming is great buisness model ( Dream11, MPL billion$ company) . as well as it not a gamble because skills are required to win in the game


winning money or any kind of source which is not related to job, and you are getting money from that is gambling.

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Who told you these? All type of gambling apps are accepted but the only condition is that you have to give full information . I know many gambling apps which is allowed by google even one of my customer is uploaded his app on play store
You just have to give proper information. Just like when they ask for the content rating there you have to say yes that app contains gambling… @sojol1993_uc &

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Can you read again? I have clearly mentioned about skill above.

Here you need to join with and play with your skill to win something. It is not like lottery and other stuffs.

Are you sure about this info? Many of my friends faced problem, after they created Pubg Tournament app.

Playstore accepted the app but refusing to uodate.

Can you show me some skill based apps, where users deposit cash to win.

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i was just explaining gambling :rofl:

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yes dude. Listen pubg Tournament app is rejected not only because of gambling but also due to copyright content. 2nd reason at the time of content rating Questoniare they didn’t provide the complete information . This are the only 2 reason why max. tym user apps got rejected…

ohk sir… Sorry

no no its alright, dont say sorry, btw i truly dont like or support gambling apps so i was giving a speech, haha

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Even mee too but let me tell one truth that you can also give user a good message via gambling. So sometimes it’s ok…

In religious perspective, yes you mind will say it is a gamble.

Where it is also a revenue model and as alapjeet said good messages can be dropped too.

Agree with you, but i afraid if they try and apps get suspended they got a rejection on there account and that make them unhappy also

Agree, With Both of you Bro,

This is not a real money gaming app. It is subscription based model app. To join the app you need to pay and get unlock thats all.

I am talking about deposit and daily transactions.

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Inside the app daily serveral transaction.

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Do you think it will last long till a long term? No rejection in future?

A simple question to you. Dream11 is a billion $ company .

Why are they using playstore? What is stopping them?

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I don’t know about it. But the app i sent you is 2 month. By the way tell me what you app contains so that i can help you or you can use play store live chat feature to get more information…

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Very simple concept.

Note ( I am developing andriod studio) .

Lets say, In a game of 1000 rs 100 can out of 100 only 5 get rewarded each of them have 2 attempts. To rank in the top they can play more and rank thats all but to play they need to buy attempts

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Same like that i have paid games & lucky draw…

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Send me them inbox.

I am marking it as a solution

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