Real time active user in app show

Hi… everyone,

am working now on live tv app. i want to show real time user in app.

like this… in kodular

When user open app, then On screen initialize store his details in database & show it in live users list.

When user close app then remove his name from live users list by using When App closed block.

For real-time updates, use firebase real-time database and use data changed block to update live users.

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I think you mean this:


Exactly or On app paused block will also work.

No, not in any case. Read this thread for all the details on how to do this:

I have used On app paused block for some action and it is working fine as expected.

Whenever I try to close app or minimize, the action set in on app paused block always triggered.

Same logic can be implemented for this case also.

My experience (testing) was the same, but:

Therefore use the Screen.OnAppStop event.

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I got it :heart_eyes:

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