Real-time currency quotes

Please, do you know any extension of real-time Currency Quotes?

I want to make an application that shows the real-time price of currencies

Here is one.

You can use the web component and connect to any RESTful API… an API directory is here


So I need to make an app that shows the real-time quote value of currencies.

For that he would have to look for the currency quote on the internet.

Example: I want to know the value of the USD/JPY quote and update every second.

just do it… see my previous answer…

this link shows the currency quotes, it’s almost what I need.
The problem is that it shows the quote every 30 seconds of difference, I need it to show in real time.

Ask the provider of that API and be ready to pay for real time service


I already tried, but the developer does not respond to me.

I wanted to get the currency quote on the website and read it within my application.

Do you know how I can do this?

Por exemplo, nesse site: Gráfico interativo da EUR/USD (EURUSD=X) - Yahoo Finanças 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–

there is a quote for a currency, I just want to get the value of the updated currency and put it in the application.

and as the variation in the value of the currency changes, it has to be changed in my application at the same time

Then choose another reliable API

So youi idea is to steal the data from that page… this is not the way to go…


how can i read quote text from that website and reproduce within kodular app?

As you change the quote value automatically change the value within the Kodular app

Site: Cotação Euro Dólar Americano hoje -

Use Airtable component

And how do I do that, can you give me an example?

I can do it for you, inbox

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