Realtime Canvas

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Realtime Canvas 1.0

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An ordinary canvas is nothing special, but this real-time canvas can synchronize brushes through the network, so that you can draw with other people around the world!


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Nice. Keep up the gooood work!


is possible have aia?

Your title contains Realtime and than you said this:

Can u explain more bcz what i understand is that 2 people will draw there idea at the same time on one canvas? will it not become messy?

No, I think it will be a nice game. But, you will have to add the amount of “pencil” like if you draw, lou immediately lose “fuel”. I hope you understood.

Just my Opinion.

Good app…

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Or people can use 2 canvas 1 for the 1st user and the other on for 2nd user.

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Also a good idea…

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Great App , Can I have AIA file please ?