Realtime Database Update

Hello I’m currently creating online quiz app. I’ve set up starting screen, then register screen/log screen with firebase auth. In register screen user has to type email, password, mobile, username. I’ve added firebase database and I’m storing phone,email and username in my realtime database. In MainMenu screen I have Options screen where I would like the user to view its email, mobile, username with option to update mobile number and change the password. How to do that? I assume labels for viewing current email, mobile and username and textboxes and buttons for writing new mobile and confirm it and to write a new password and confirm it. I don’t know how to update the existing data in my database and how to update the password.

After validating the login right? then you run that opens another screen, in case you have one, no? what you should do is use a Firebase Auth plugin that says “Sign Up Success” you ask or call the user data in this case would be the Name and E-mail and opens another screen but sent the values to the new screen then collect the values you sent in the new screen and use where you occupy it.

Something like this look

Aye, after login. Alight it is saving the data to database.
Now after login/register user is navigated to mainmenu screen, where I have another screen, called options. If I will create an option for user to update his phone and change password… for updating existing data in my database I have to use ? and for updating the password I have to use ?