Recast • Make your old extensions compatible with Kodular Fenix

I have only extension file, did I can correct it?

Extension works if we replace AndroidRuntime.jar & Classes.jar from new to old version.

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It works perfectly if you replace both files from new to old version and use old version.

Recast v0.1.1 HOTFIX


  • Fixed the issue that prevented the recasted extensions from importing in the Creator.
    • Special thanks to @pavi2410 for helping me identify this bug.


To upgrade from v0.1.0 to v0.1.1, simply go through the installation steps mentioned in the first post:



Thanks a lot :pray:

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After the update of Kodular the app started crashing, if I recast the extension used in the project will the app crash or not?

If you see words like “Failed resolution of… android support”, then you must Recast the extensions used one by one. We are looking into ways to improve this situation.


You can recast them all at once as well. :wink:


hello, how can i add a path in Powershell of windows where the extension is given to convert it to the version that works in kodular. Thank-you

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Thanks for this guide. I have listPermission extension in my project. My app was crashing. I was able to fix with recast.
It works!


Please anyone :pray: make a guide video how to install recast and extension convert old to new…


You don’t need to, the install script does that for you automatically.

thank you, I meant how can I specify the path to the extension in the program

Oh, okay. You can specify the path to the extension using the --input option. The path can be absolute, or relative to the directory in which the terminal is open currently.

For example, if my extension is at C:/Projects/extensions/io.shreyash.phase.aix and my terminal’s current working directory is C:/Projects, then this is how I’ll specific the path:

recast --input extensions/io.shreyash.phase.aix

Same error occurred

Recast success but when i imported extention into kodular then kodular showed error "import extentions failed ,Uploaded file does not contain any component definition files.

How to fix this?

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Have you read above posts ?

thread 'main' panicked at 'called Result::unwrap()on anErr value: 87', src\

I Am Getting This Error On My PowerShell

Can you show me your input and output options?