Recast • Make your old extensions compatible with Kodular Fenix

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Not a problem if there is no solution then i will make my own swipe video player

After did recast , i got this error.

That should not happen with a recasted extension. Are you sure you have had imported the correct extension (recasted extensions end with .x.aix)? If yes, then PM me the extension that you think is causing the problem.

When I try to download the Recast in PowerShell, I get this error …

I do not know what it could be?

iwr: Request aborted: Cannot create SSL / TLS secure channel.
Online: 1 Character: 1

Try running the following before the installer:

[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12

That’s right, this is the solution …

Grateful friend

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No funciona para PLYR

The official language isEnglish on the community.

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Thanks i was also struck here…

That message, no references to support libraries found, means that that extension is already compatible with Kodular


I guess it should print something like “Extension is already compatible with Kodular” instead of “No references blah blah”. I see many users getting confused with that. Will change that in the next update.


Same happened with me also and there is no alternative for that extension. Hope so deephost update this extension very soon. As he is updating other extension.

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PS C:\Users\tiger> recast --input old_aix\Gradient.aix
processing Gradient.aix
info No references to support libraries found

No one reads


thank you :pray:

what am i doing wrong?

How we should know? Any hint ?

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As you can see in the first post in order to use Recast you need Java JRE installed in your system so either java isn’t installed or path isn’t configured correctly


“Well, all I can suggest is to not use DeepHost’s extensions and find some alternative. It has been mentioned several times in the community to stay away from DeepHost’s extensions; they always somehow break and he provides no support.”

The problem is that there are no alternatives to some of his extensions.