Recipe App (Tasty) with admin panel [ paid aia ]

App Name: Recipe App ( Tasty)

Platform: Kodular

Admin Panel:


  1. Splash Screen
  2. Recipe Search
  3. Show New Recipes
  4. Feature Recipe slider
  5. Homepage
  6. Dynamic Category (add or remove category with admin panel)
  7. Dynamic recipe ( add or remove recipe or update recipe with admin panel)
  8. Admin Panel
  9. Setting (About Us, Share App, More App, Rate Us and Privacy Policy)
  10. Loading Lotie File for recipe loading gives a unique look
  11. In Recipe shows title, time for the recipe, the language of recipe, Ingredients and Directions
  12. Show video Of recipe in the recipe screen
  13. Share button to share recipe With friends
  14. Connected to airtable

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Version 2.0

  1. UI improved
  2. Minor Bugs are fixed

If you want to buy aia file which is available on

Developers: AjDeveloper and aiacart
Made with kodular


Good one… Like the app

Nice app aiacart

Good one :+1: