Record a video of a component


Is there a way to record a component on its own?


Hi! what do you mean by “register a component”? record the screen?

You can save a picture of a vertical arrangement for example. Is there a way to record a component the same way?

So not record the whole screen but just a vertical arrangement for example.

record the action of a component? you can record screen. there are many apps on the Play store for this purpose.

It is for a specific function of my app. I just want users to be able to save a video of a single component, not the whole screen. Worst case scenario I will just tell my users to use a screen recorder, I was just checking the community if something exists for this ability.

I don’t think it is possible to register a single component. you can only record the screen.

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I had assumed so. Maybe it is something that can be made in the future. Thanks.

I hope It. Click the “solution” button if this reply was helpful :blush:

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