RecyclerView extension of Christopher Salazar

Is there anyone who use RecyclerView extension of Christopher Salazar? I believe this is a very promising extension, however there is no simple documentation. If there is someone who can share his / her experience that would be very helpfull for who would like to develop app with RecyclerView. Thanks a lot…

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Use Extension tag when you are Providing a Extension.
This Topic is better being Discussed.

Also, provide a link to the extension(not the extension itself), so as to get quick and more help.

I think, I am the only one who wants to use this extension :thinking:. Even the developer of the extension is not responding :rage:

im using cris salazar extension, and its very nice extension…if u have more than 200 data u can load easily…and no lagging…cris is very generous at telegram chat. just ask privately his telegram id

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Thanks a lot for your kind reply. Actually I send a mail to him a week ago but still no response yet.I copied the demo but it is not working in my application.Is there anything that I should do specifically? I am really stuck :sweat:Thanks…