RecyclerView in Makeroid

Is it possible to create a recyclerView in android app using makeroid , thunkable or app Inventor.
I want to make an app with json api.

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You can use ListView component and connect your JSON API with it using Web component.

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Bro isme new cards bnenge ya recycle honge.
Or aap ek screenshot de skte ho blocks ka .
App to ready ha but dynamic nhi ha

ListView items will not recycle but it will be dynamic.

How will you use a RecyclerView? The only differences between a ListView and a RecyclerView is:
a) RecylerView in a container (layout manager) does not really affect user in any way.
b) Reuses cells, not makes them dynamically, which does really affect user too, because cells are literally just a text view, not a web viewer (which would reload after scrolling)
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