Reduce costs in the firebase component

Hi, I use the Firebase Database component in my app, I slowly started paying more and more money on the database (I already reached 345$ In one month), I wanted to ask how to use less data (use less data = less money), can you add a decision option To turn Data Changed on or off? In my opinion if Data Changed works (and it always works) then the amount of data download will be high even if the component is not used (even if it is only in the component list but not used)

Maybe you should choose another database


Thanks for the answer, I have some questions:

  1. Are you sure you can’t update the component (firebase) and fix things that can overstate the transfer and download information? (Or add an option to enable and disable things that could waste data?).
  2. Do these servers work the same way firebase works?
  3. Can data be transferred from firebase to any server from the list?
  4. Which server do you think I should use best? (I need a server that works fast like firebase)

Mysql db will be working fine without any issue.

For data change events you can make your own custom block with clock which checks for any new entry in database and rest push and pull are using web component.

If you need help in migration, send me a message.

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Do you think it will be as fast as a firebase and a cheaper firebase?

For the cost side yes it won’t charge you like firebase and speed side also i am quite sure since it’s gonna be web connection so everything will depend on the device network connection.

Before I conclude can you tell me more like how big is your data, how many users you are managing and for what all tasks you are pulling data from your db so that I can comment on the speed side.

According to firebase data my app downloads 212.2 GB per month (in 30 days), how much do you think it will cost in Mysql

In MySQL it will cost you for data storage not for downloading.

If your data is just text values like strings and numbers then definitely MySQL is the way to go to reduce cost.

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This is too much :open_mouth:

What type of data?

How much users your app has?

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Last month there were 15,000 active devices in my app

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And I’m trying to save as much data as possible, I’m saving downloaded data to the device so next time you don’t have to waste any more data (according to the data I collected this way, I saved 6,975 requests from the database), but I still don’t see any significant improvement

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In firebase db, i just saw my data downloads is 2gb in last 30 days and in last 7 days it is 700mb.

Currently, I have 1.8k users and day by day this number is increasing with daily 50+ new users.

By this speed, i will reach free limits of firebase db free plan.

I have to think about a good database with least cost or at no cost.

Because i am not started earning money from my app yet.

I have never used mysql before.

Can we store and call data same as firebase database means i want to call lists and values under that list.

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Yes everything is possible but syntax will change that’s all.

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What it means?

Well regarding the data structure it will change because in mysql db you won’t have project bucket and key and value thing but consider it like this,

  1. Project Bucket in Firebase is called Table in MySQL
  2. Key is called the record id
  3. Value is the corresponding row of data for that row id

Like this
Table Student
Record_id student_name student_class student_section student_roll_number
1 ABCD 5th A 5
2 CDEF 5th A 6

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Have you tried batching calls to the database?
For example, instead of querying several child tags, you could query the parent and get all data at once

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I am using firebase too and have been reading about the potential horrors in cost. I want to try converting to mysql but how do I make it real time like firebase? Need it for a group chatapp.

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Real time? The bank will be on the web server. That simple . The second most used bank in the world and free. For desktop, web and app applications.
You will need a host where your database will be located. I pay annually.

by real time, I mean like using the “firebase when data changed” block that will instantly update all values on devices, when there is a change in value in firebase realtime db. How can we implement that in mysql?