Refresh firebase database

I get a value from the firebase and put it in a label, so the problem is when I change that value in the firebase and it is not currently changed in the app, to see the new value I would have to exit and re-enter. it is very cumbersome and not very functional.

How can I update the database so that it prints the current values that are made in the firebase in the application? (I speak that the changes are made in real time)

You can use this block to detect that a tag value has changed:

You can reset your variables ( or label text) that contains the old data, with the new data, that has changed.


thanks friends



it does not work :c

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Yes, but your data should change so the event is triggered,also, have you set the firebase URL and the bucket name?

You meant, it doesn’t get triggered or it returns wrong values?

If I configure it well I already verify.
What doesn’t work is that I have to keep entering the same screen twice so that the firebase is updated.

what I hope is that …

while I see the screen and change a value in the firebase database, it was changed automatically, without me having to exit and re-enter

That what does this event do:

It;s fired when any data is changed in the project bucket you set ( for example added or updated), the tag is the updated / new tag, the value is the new/ updated value

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