Refreshing 5 Webviews and Closing a Spinning Progress when all 5 Webviews refreshed

So I have 5 Webviews in my app. I use the Webviews to get an element and set it as the text of a label.
More info about my app can be found :arrow_down:. It’s a question I asked regarding my app

I need to refresh all Webviews because the website I am getting data gets updated now and then so my app needs to get those new numbers. I currently use 2 clocks to do this task but I want to get some other way to do this.

My blocks that do the Webview refreshing are the blocks at the left of my blocks.

Clock 1 (Used To Get Data So Irrelevant To Refreshing) Interval - 100ms
Clock 2 (Used to Start Refreshing) Interval - 3000ms
Clock 3 (Used to Detect Refresh) Interval - 100ms

Is there any other way to do this?


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And my not so good solution does not work

I think it is because Clock3 keeps checking stuff while Clock2 does more stuff on top

Way 1: Write a php scrapper script to scrap data from those website and send request to your php script from your app to get data at once.
Way 2: Use any other public airquality index api available.

The above specified way will not need any webviewer or multiple clock.

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Ok. I will try way 1

Can I get more info about a PHP Scrapper Script and how to write it?

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