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How can I hide firebase URL and token an app named apk editor show my app url token I searched kodular community for solutions by can’t find any solution i have used obfuscated text and store firebase URL and token in global variables into 4 parts on calling joined but apk editor shows the url and token .I have one more question I am using firebase authentication I have 4 buckets in firebase database 2 of buckets have read rules true but write auth!=null can any one hack it and write to it ???

Reply fast if u can because I have to upload my app within 2 3 days

Try this it may give you a little protection in URL

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You may also try paid encryption method… From Taifun


If my methods work please let me know​:blush::blush:

i already used this but there is an app named Apk editor which Decompiles the app show firebase url and token i thik the apk editor is also reading the google service.json file in which firebase url and token are stored

you are right but cant hide i also used croptygraphy to endcode and decode url and token but noting work

did you mean that in apk editor you are able to to see encrypted url and token??

i think apk editor is reading url and token for google service.json file

Are you using google firebase authentcation !

yes but the problem is there are two bucket those rules i have set to read true but write auth!null.
i want to know that can any hacker can edit or delete that bucket

You can only give users access to their own info.

I think this may help you to secure your firebase

i have seen that in my app i used email authentication and before that i am check two values phone number and unique username is there or not

You can get access to all user names by giving access to a particular tag in firebase rules

yes i have done this but i want to know that bucket with rules read true and write auth!null
and if some one knows my firebase url and token can he deleat data of that bucket

No! for that he has to aceess your firebase account by first hacking Google Database/etc etc…

But he might read the data stored in your bucket because you have given the permission

read : true;

yes your are write i have tested it it read data even firebase error shows

Have you got your solution!

sure why not

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