Regarding the in-app update component

Let me check…


So finally i got the result & the method is not working…

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That’s what I was saying we have to search for another solution


I don’t think so right now any method is there…

Yes will search for it tommorow it is 00:03 here

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Maybe you could upload it to Beta instead of production to test it.


Yes this one i can try . Thabk thank you


I Will check it tommorow

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I hope it will work. Good luck!

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Thanks but i don’t have any issue with the component. @ravigarg have some questions…

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No problem!
It would help others if you could try it first. And @ravigarg can try himself.
Nothing’s different.


I already mentioned that I will check


In my projects the In App Update Is not showing any update msg , If anyone please tell me how to use the blocks,
I have used like this,
ignore the colintree list view. ( I have removed the list name for the block image ).


Ya you for test you need to change your app’s package name to to any existing app in play store like me I changed package name to flipkart’s package name which is and version code and version name to 1 and 1.0 and export apk I think it doesn’t work in companion and make sure your test app’s package name do not have to match any existing app I mean if package name is flipkart then you have to uninstall original flipkart otherwise you get app not installed error See below screenshot.

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Is not possible!

Bro you are betakoder so tall me did I solved problem?

You will never get an update for the app installed from unknown source. Hope, you get your answer.

No no not about that I am asking that did I solved problem about test in app update without upload an app in play store

I don’t think it will work. You can post a sample aia here if possible (and if you think it works).

I think I am not explaining right, I there is no need to an aia just simple block main thing is package name you have to change your package name to any existing app package name like flipkart Amazon etc. But one thing is you can’t test with package name which you want to give your app