Registering my ad manager account doesn't work

Yesterday I woke up with the admob monetization systems disappeared, in its place there is now Ad manager, I went to the payment section and clicked on the sign up button but nothing happens, it does not redirect me to any page, it only makes a small scroll from the hamburger menu and it disappears after it remains static, it is worth mentioning that I have an approved app and another waiting for approval, could it be a bug? Has anyone gone through this? maybe a monetizer you recommend?

Hello @Nots
You should read this Kodular Fenix 🔥🐦 - #6

Kodular has been updated, there is a new version

Thank you very much, I had already reviewed that information in the morning, even with this I cannot find the solution to the problem, I try to register by clicking on: Sign up for a Google Ad Manager account but nothing happens, I tried it from several browsers and devices but all they just stay there. :pensive:

The same happens to me :face_exhaling:

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