Rejection of application notified via mail

my application was rejected during add approval system due to low quality content ,how it can be solving

We see a lot of users who only want to make money as a primary goal when developing there app. So they deliver low quality apps. If that is your goal then you are in the wrong place.

Show what you app was about so we can tell what was wrong with it.


i am not thinking of money ,it was my 1st application ,i am placing shopping sites only,
so how n be correct it?

So you have webviews with external sites in them? And you where trying to earn of it. Then that was your problem. That is not allowed.

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Like Peter said use webviewer wisely and not just to open other sites, the rejection from kodular is a security step for you, if you post that app on playstore you may even loose your Google Play developer account, so you can treat this rejectios an early improvement chances


this is my first application,i am learning with small amount of earning in this app ,we add ads like banner in all time and inerstial and rewarded adds only once showing,please give me solution

The only solution is to make an app that contributes something, not something like this. All the apps you make like your rejected one will also be rejected.

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then how we earn by adds in kodular ,with making good application

exactly :+1:


Don’t think of earning in learning stage…

If you are going publish your app then ask a question to yourself…
Do you like the app?
You should like your app before others like it…

I am using Kodular since 2 years…
I did not publish any app…
Currently I am working on an app since 2+ months thinking to publish (Because I like the idea of my app and the app idea is new)
But… That’s my story…
You need not to follow me… But you should follow App Store policies in which your app is going to be published…
In your case: Play store

I am sure that you have spent not more than 2 days…

You have to focus on user benefit than your benefit…


because i take nearly 3 months for working on this app,but it was not eccepted by kodular ,so in future how it will be correcting …of my i said how to use web viewer with adds it was my quriocity…

Can you give us info about your app?

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games,shopping etc…

You have wasted your 3 months in placing web viewers with reference to sites;

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That’s not info. What exactly does your app do (2-3 sentenes)? How many screens have you got? Have you used any other visible component other than a webviewer, if so which?

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web viewers are allowed or not , :pensive:

They indeed are allowed but it solely depends on how you use them.

Can you please tell us the following:

nearly 20 screens,otherthan webviwer9

Firstly for what reason have, you used 20 screens? :grin:
Second what exactly are those screens used for?