Related to webviewer Browsing History

I want to know taht if i want to add a Browsing History section app then how it will be possible in Makeroid
Pleaze help…

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You can… When they type into a textbox have them taken to that URL and then I am guessing use TinyDB to store the url in another page! Would you like me to show you

Yes, Please show ot in any image oe video!!!

By tomorrow at 10AM on Monday… I will have it done by then


I whipped up something on my tablet. :wink: I’d comment on the blocks if I were on PC. :sweat_smile:

Take a look and ask any questions you have. :smile: Technically speaking, that’s a shippable Browser app. :grin:

Something I added that you didn’t ask for is the ability to click an address in History to revisit it.

BrowsingHistoryDemo.aia (4.2 KB)

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Hey bro I need your help on obtuse topic that how can I create tabs in all like in chrome app…
And able to access them at same time.
Please help…
I’d you say then I will create a separate topic about this…

Plz Help me!!!

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Sorry dude, the builder is down… And when it’s not over-quota, I am not awake! I can show you that in April-June? Cant tell when though!

Here a tutorial that how you can implement
Browsing History in an App of webviewer or Browser


Thanks a lot for marking your own video as the solution. Also, thanks for not crediting me. I love wasting time on the Makeroid Community without recognition.


Sorry! Bro keep calm can I add the credit now in video description…:sweat_smile:

Yes, thanks a lot. It’ll be great if you include links to my website (, and this thread (so that people can download AIA file).

Bro please check out the description of the video that is it okay that I have added in description…:blush:

Yes it’s OK. Thanks.

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Weird coincidence… See what the bracket looks like.

Oh… You missed the _, @Techy_Rakshak

I m not able to understand…

You wrote Kanishka Developer… but my account name is Kanishka_Developer.

Okay!! I will correct it

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thanks for the video!