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my design’s main arrangement is a vertical scroll arrangement. but verticle scroll arrangement can only host one child how can I use it?

Wasn’t this the answer?

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If you want your arrangement to scroll use vertical arrangement inside vertical scroll arrangement… this works for me

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shows error !!
Screenshot 2021-07-18 at 11-31-08 Kodular Creator

after update Kodular Fenix.

i have it working fine

The error clearly show that it is not occurred by kodular new update. So please don’t blame everything on kodular new update. It seems that you are trying to make the main layout in a button. That’s why the error occurred. Can you post here your blocks? Or check your Create block once, I think you have mistakenly given a button to layout parameter so the button view can’t be casted to the view group.


I will check. Thanks


Can this extension don’t have a id system for layouts, so that is become more easy to use it with multiple layouts instead of dragging another extension , If i have many layouts to overlap on anyother layout, don’t need any second extension called RelativeView2 by dragging.


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Can I use this for dynamic components?

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Yes with this extension you can use dynamic component


[Feature request]

A remove component block, to allow for programmatic removal (developer would also have to handle visibility / placement / etc. of said components.


I tested is for the left or right X axis or Horizontal Axis

I already understood and thanked the creator of the extension


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Create ui like this

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Dear developer,

Kindly pay attention her
When i import your extension in my project before 27 april its work perfectly fine,
But now kodular show me compiling error
Im try after 1 hr also giving me same error then
Im delete relative layout extension then kodular perfectly compile my project

Thats why im asking you kindly check this issue

Servers are going on and off today since devs are working in fixing issues related latest 1.5.4 update. I would suggest to wait and after that fix you might say that extension is causing problem or not


facing same issue

but for me after deleting this extension still blocks area not loading properly

@Devta_Bansal you mentioned your problem in more than one topic. Most probaby your project got corrupted

i dont know how can it be corrupted automatically after kodular update

also now what is the solution

how can i check which blocks are causing problem because blocks screen is blank now

If you wish pm me your aia to check it