[Paid] Extension: Fully OverLaping UiDesign And Unlimited Custom List

Hi here is my second paid extension .
now we can create and design professional app like flutter and android studio.
Sorry to Say i m not describing my extensions blocks because in this extensions having above 100 blocks so not possible for me to describe . but i m uploading new videos day by day with new feature and blocks screen shots how extension is working if any one wnt more information then pls PM me.
Google pay - 700 INR
PayPal - 12 USD
** here is sample of basic features**


![blocks (8)|231x500]


All video are not playable. Is it just me?

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Videos are not working.


sorry but its play on my pc and mobile also i think not playing on this comunity ill check

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The last video in the post is working…But the other three videos shows either white or black screen…

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All videos are working :hammer_and_pick: on my mobile :iphone:


He updated his post so now it is ok.


Graet and powerful extension :+1::+1:

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Nice Extension :ok_hand:

Cool Extension!! but according to me 700 is high price as these can be made freely using animation utils
by the way no offence as it my point of view


We can create overlap componet with an free extension.

what the advantage of use this extension.can you elaborate more?


Dear not possible in that extension to overlap view on scrollview and with animations like this


By seeing this video and also some in first post it seems that the app is not made in Kodular.
Post an example of app that is made in Kodular as you are posting in Kodular Community.

this is also possible to make animation like this using animation utils and horizontal Scroll handler

Yes ur right I m using both kodulor and app inventor offline this i create on app inventor offline
This day rain problem and my internet connections is very poor so I m using app inventor offline

Directly in the vertical scrollable arrangement, it is not possible. Just apply a little logic. If you place a scrollable vertical arrangement in a parent vertical arrangement, you will get this result.


It’s mandatory to mention a currency as you are in global forum or unless you specify a region

Ok I agree .but is it possible to overlap any component on top of this button ?

Give a preview I’ll definitely make it…

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Pls make like this here is preview