How can we do this Chips Input

How can we do the chips input shown in this video

Try this extension.I see that a video have something like what you want:

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you can use this extension:

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And u can also use another method with no extension

You should have a text box and a label above it now
Use overshot verticall block of animation utilis
Or use set margins block of decoration component
And then lower/set margin of label and set its position to your requirement.

Set the label visible to false

Now set the hint text of text box to for example user name and when text box got focus then set the label visible to true with same text an in hint
And u can also animate it to get the very same real effects

Everything is upto you​:wink:


That seems a bit, complicated don’t you think?

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No i don’t think so
Its as simple as using a paid extension :sweat_smile: u got my point :wink:

And i just provide a way to show that it can be done using kodular components :blush:

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It’s simpler to import an extension and use one block if you can.