How to make textbox like this

i want textbox to have a ui like this how to do that


Did You try Overlap Component ?

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i have not tried anything let me check


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it did’nt work

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Did You try with 3 components ?

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no 2 component

I imagined a solution, but the text has a transparent background. I imagined a horizontal arrangement on the text box and the label on the horizontal arrangement.

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Btw, what about this :cowboy_hat_face:


nice how do you did this

Use this extension:


Is the background as transparent as it wants?


Hi @Mohamed_Tamer,

Thanks for recommending my extension! I’m hoping to add improvements later this year to Chamaeleon.

@Rogerio_Rios for the filled version, you can choose the background color if I remember correctly.


sure stormi please shift the helper text a lit bit right it will look much good

I will take a look into it, however that is not my decision. Because the text field is being created dynamically, it will cause layout issues as I’ve pointed out on the post.

Transparente background color , ok ?

why it is not displaying textbox

Maybe you’re doing something wrong :smiley:

please check

What are your properties?

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