Reload button for the builder/designer

(connecting kodular to device with companion through WIFI.)

when I made some changes in the blocks I need to reload the app to check the changes in my device, to do that I’m going to the designer and when i modify some parameter app is reloaded in my device and after that i need to back again to blocks area to continue working.

can we add a simple button that doing this job?

Hi there
You can right click on a block and hit “do it” to execute it.
Maybe that helps solve your problem?

hmm not really… I need that all the app will restart in my device , it happens when I change component properties values, you know what I mean? when screen is going white for sec and all the app is intiliaze over again. I wish I had a button to like that to initlize app which I can click on it easly

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1st way is Just add and remove dummy text on screen1 about text area before testing and when you click on outside, app will refresh automatically…

And 2nd way is just change any component settings before testing. App will load automatically.

I try both of the method and it works fine.

that’s what I said but when you working on blocks area do you have a fast way do to it? instead of go back to designer and doing the 2 ways you mentioned

Just like @Vishwas said… But do this trick on screen initialisation block…

I did it on initialization blocks but app wasn’t initilized in my device (I dont have “do it” option on initialize block itself)