Removal of when screen got received block in other screens except screen1

Hi, I have viewed posts where users have got confused and told that the event when screen got received doesn’t work in other screens and in their solutions, i found that this event works only in screen1, if this is so then why can’t we remove this event in all other screens so that new users don’t get confused. Reference to the topic:

I think this is because blocks removed on other screens, must be removed for all of them. I’m not sure if they can if() certain blocks.

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Hmm…that maybe true but let’s wait for the staff to answer it

I don’t like that you didn’t accept my answer. Yes it’s likely not correct, but give the poor characters a chance.

It only works on Screen1 because that’s the screen that loads when you open the app (when you share something to the app, it opens Screen1)

I don’t think there is a way to remove a block from showing in certain screens.


Kodular can include the information in description of block

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