Remove Admob ad review request in app

Hello, a month ago I requested the review of admob ads in an application, but until today Kodular has not analyzed this app and I want to send another app for analysis, to place Admob ads, how do I cancel the review 1 month ago that the Kodular still has not responded and send the new app for review of admob ads?

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Hello & Welcome to Community, before mention any Staff we would like to know about your app,

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is a football news app

can anyone @Kodular confirms that why its taking much time for him? like 1 month 3 weeks and still pending for review.

I have the same Problem with my App. Unfortunately I dont get an answer. My status does not change since around 10 weeks. And since 2 weeks or so, now for all projects i have the message “you already have an app under review”. Also for the App i submitted for review 10 weeks ago.
Hope someone can Help. Many thanks.

Backup your app aia and delete the project. Hopefully this will enable you to apply again for another app.

What’s your App ID?

@Diego Consider having a Cancel request option on monetization form. This could be helpful.

“NewTimetableNotes” is the name.

I need the ID, not the name

Ah ok, sorry. Is this the id? 4731760380215296

Help me please, I want to send a new application for analysis but I have another one under analysis for 2 months, then I can’t request the review. I already paid to remove the commission

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We’ll add a cancel option :+1:


help me, delete the app that was with Admob in analysis, now that I add another one to analyze the kodular in Admob but it doesn’t work!

please add.