Remove icon from button

Hello, Is it possible to remove the icon from a button?
I would like to make the icon appear in a button only under certain conditions, but once set, if I put the button with an empty icon, I still have an empty space instead of the icon.

is it possible to show screen shots?

Everything is possible when you set your mind to it. :sunglasses::crazy_face:

Are you setting an empty icon? That will still take some place on the button.

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Haha, :rofl::rofl: right

yes, this was my wrong solution to remove the button icon. what is the correct method to remove the icon?

Did you set Button image to “” (empty text) from blocks? It should work.

simply, dont use that block in Else

hello, and how do I remove the icon for that button? It is not possible? should I use two buttons? do you confirm that there is no command to remove the previous icon set on a button?

i think there is no option to remove that icon,

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you can show any other icon instead of empty, like error icon or X icon

ok, it’s like i thought :slight_smile:
then, either I show a different icon to use that button when it’s offline, or I create a button for the online and one for the offline

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(one button with the icon and one without the icon)

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yes, Welcome,

Well I have a better solution… :stuck_out_tongue:
Follow me…

  • set button font to font awesome
  • set button html to true
  • write your desired icon code then your desired button name on button.text …
    And if you want to remove the icon simply set your button.text to text only…
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