Remove Last Character From a Text

Is there any way to remove the last character only, from a text?

Use the block SEGMENT in the text blocks (red ones).



INSERT INTO attendance (date, month, email, name, subject, status) VALUES(‘9’,‘January’,‘[email protected]’,‘Rakib Chowdhury’,‘Subject1’,‘present’),(‘9’,‘January’,‘[email protected]’,‘Rakib Chowdhury’,‘Subject2’,‘absent’),(‘9’,‘January’,‘[email protected]’,‘Rakib Chowdhury’,‘Subject7’,‘present’),

I Want to remove the last “,” from the above text.

note: the above text will generate from my app. the text is not fixed.

Did you see the blocks that I posted? Did you try it?

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Sorry, actually that was wrong. The correct blocks are posted now.
The blocks I posted originally returns the last character.
The new ones returns everything except the last character.


@Italo you saved my day :slight_smile: thanks a lottt