Remove Quotation or this (" ") symbol from text that i have send, it possible?

hello, can anyone help me to this question, i have some project using bluetooth serial terminal that is possible to do that? i have using bluetooth client and using block bluetooth client send text, but its not working, and i think its because the command contain quotes (" ") like that, because i ever use firebase and the data that i send contain that quotes (String type) . can i remove thath quotes symbol?

To escape quotation marks from a piece of text, use this.


thanks for your response, but the quotation not inside the text, its before and after text. its possible i send text in other format? (not string)

Post your Serial code and your blocks here.

This still works for the strings, it just removes any quotes it finds.

Where is the text stored? Did you try with select list item list? If possible share us your blocks so that you will get help soon

…and your Arduino code?

ok, so i think the problem is in other case, can i send serial bluetooth terminal using bluetooth client like this application? Serial Bluetooth Terminal - Apps on Google Play

i just want to send command to my bluetooth with one click on application kodular, not type command like using that application on playstore

its stored directly to serial bluetooth

i am not using arduino

i send the command to the device with uart / serial interface

Oops, my bad.

Since my knowledge in Bluetooth is limited, I cannot give you further advice; but, I can guide you to this topic where you may find something useful.

thanks for your advice, its not your mistake, i think its about my explanation is not complete