Remove Special ID item of Dynamic component list

Dynamic component lD list is


How to remove special id’s from above list ?

Remove list is


are you using built-in dynamic card view or dynamic components extension?

i use dynamic component

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Use this:


Use remove id block before evey component you make. I used it and it worked.

By i have only “Image” text and don’t know full id

Show ur block

How you don’t know id if you created component with it?


I Creat 2 list with single dynamic component

Different Cat. in local veritable (Favorite & Local) for 2 list

i Want to clear only Favorite list id’s

you created the component withblocks-1
(the errors are because i don’t have these variables)

That’s exactly what you need to use to remove them.
Or as an alternative, storing the Ids in variables and then using those on the removal

Greetings. I have a similar problem, only that the last item to leave the list empty is deleted and immediately reappears even though there is no longer any item in the database. I share my blocks and the image of what is happening.

1.- remove item
2.- select id item
3.- send to mysql id to delete,
4.- after deleting the item perform a new query


6.- clear data
7.- clear dynamic component

The red box is the last item that remains and that I want to delete, but when I press the delete button, it deletes it but at the same moment it appears… I already confirmed that the item no longer exists in the database and that it is I make a new query, since when refreshing the companion the item disappears…

I have seen, read, and tested the guides, but nothing that resembles my mistake. I have unset the blocks with different combinations, and when I remove the remove id block, the last item disappears fine but with an error expect got space 15 and the item id number. I hope someone can help me, I will be grateful.

P.S. I revived this topic because it won’t let me create a new topic, so please don’t scold me for it… thanks

In which global variable you are printing the responsecontente from web got text?

try this it worked for me


after this you start your blocks

The item no longer exists in the database when I show the new response it is empty and there is no data, so the item should not be showing, the problem in particular the remove id dynamic component block continues to show it as if it existed, yes I remove the “remove id Dynamic component” block, it works fine but with an “expected got ID 20” error, 20 being the id of the item that no longer exists… I simply need the item not to be displayed because it no longer exists but “remove component ID” deletes it but immediately shows it again… Always saving my life RSG, thanks and success

This block is exactly the cause of the problem. Que tendría que bloques serian los siguientes?

May be your are removing the I’d but not from the global variable it seems. If it is reprinting immediately then you must check up which global variable and having the data’s from those also you are removing it or not.

If you are removing from from dB then recall the data’s after removing

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Greetings GSR, thanks for responding friend, and I hope you are well and have success…


en 1.- after getting the id of the item, send the variable and delete the item successfully
en 2.- session_id queries the database after the item is deleted

If I have more items, everything works perfectly, the problem is in deleting the last item that remains to leave the list empty, that’s where I get the error, that it doesn’t update.

3 items …

2 items, the deletion works very well.
only the last item that remains is the one that gives the problem that it is not deleted or updated

edit: the problem is not database, the problem is sampling

Show us the blocks, how do you create the Dyna compo. On clicking the item why do you clear the tag? Actually it seems every time you are wiping the tinydb. If so then what is the use of tinydb?

If there are only one item then you can clear the tag else clear the index of the item to clear from this tag


tiny db “cart_cant” only resets the counter in the upper red bar every time I delete an item that is just its function and as it is also shown in the previous screen I also have to refresh it in the previous screen…


“If there are only one item then you can clear the tag else clear the index of the item to clear from this tag”

response: I suspect that the error is in what you say, but I am not able to build the solution, I just don’t know how to do it, I’m sorry…

Edit new information: I was reviewing the code, I broke it down and put it together little by little and I realized that when the last item is deleted the data is not updated no matter how many times you touch the button the item is already deleted but Web1 Got Text I don’t know updates and therefore the value that no longer exists is always being shown… now you ask me, how do I remove it?

Greetings koders friends, I come for a simple help but I’ve already done my tests and I can’t find the solution…
I have a dynamic component that makes me a list, I want to delete the last element and leave the list empty but it is not possible. when deleting the last item from the database, the api has nothing to send because it is empty, and therefore web1 response content does not receive anything and cannot update the last field to delete it (clarifying that the data is sent by JSON ). I want to be able to force json to receive empty data and not show anything and leave the list empty… Why do I want the list empty? Because it is a list of orders, and if the user wants to delete everything and make a new order, I can do it again after I add the items I can delete them too.

I get this error which is logical

Aguien puede orientarme que debo hacer para arreglar este problema?

Muchas gracias a Todos!!!