Remove the lottie unsupported dialog (Request)

Hey, The dialog of lottie not supported in companion seems annoying because when we make any changes it will appear again and again, not only that. if you have 2 lotties in a screen than 2 dialogs will appear upon making any changes…

i’ll like to request Devs to please remove or update it so that it will be less annoying…


Support you… as I’ve already posted about how we can view lottiefiles on companion… so the dialogue seems annoying sometimes…


yeah supporting those will be the best option but they said it won’t :frowning:

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In my opinion, it would be best if a companion list (spinner list) of all components not working (on the first page. Not when the test is active)

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Can you explain this in detail with reproducible AIA file?

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Simple. add lottie and set the source to a .json file from asset. make any changes anywhere, once the companion is refreshed, you’ll get the dialog

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