Remove unused assets from project (One-Click)

Hello everyone,
As you know sometimes when project is big and complicated and there are many images there then it is very difficult for us to see which images are used and unused and delete them as it increases the app size.So a one-click feature which can detect all the used and unused assets will be very good.

Also a question does unused assets increase the app size or not.

I don’t know that Kodular will implement this or not.
But it is quite similar to IDEs highlight feature which detect unused imports/variables and sets text colours to light gray or similar.

They are in app assets.It does not matters they are used or not.

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This is a good request, however, Kodular first needs to add special blocks for assets.

Because it would be a very bad choice to detect used assets by checking all text block contents. For example, you just wanted to show a dialog which prints “myfile.png is saved” but Kodular detected as used asset because you used myfile.png text in a text block.

Vishwas has created a topic about scoped constants (or enums) in MIT App Inventor Community:



Im probably gonna be told to open a new topic, but I was thinking, why not make it so we can remove the blocks that have a red X and a red border? Itll make everything easier instead of having to go around and do them manually.

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Yeah, an asset block would be nice. A quiestion (to anyone who can test it now from the staff): Does Kodular detect obfuscated text blocks as assets?

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