Rename a file in local/SD card storage

Is there any way to rename the file (for example image, text file) which is stored the local storage. I searched all the forum and only find this!searchin/mitappinventortest/rename$20file$20storage|sort:date/mitappinventortest/3Q2BtzCcbQE/bhYmtwLOlTsJ
Can anyone know to rename a file?

Thank you

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It’s not possible… Unless they change it manually but, you wouldn’t know when or what they named it

Maybe you can use this

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There is no rename method in that extension.
So we have to copy the file with a new name and delete the old one?

Yes that was i was thinking to.

i already taught about it when saw the those blocks in the page. I open this topic because if is there any way to rename it directly which may available in any of the available extension. may be i missed that. Any way i have to use that method only.
Thank you peter.

The Move block of File component can also be used to rename a file.