Repeat Interstitial Ad every 60 seconds

Hi community!

Before in time, in my other apps, I set the Interstitial only one time with a clock (60000ms) and it had been repeated every 60 seconds.

Now, I set the Interstitial with the same options in the clock and in blocks but it is shown only one time (before 60s).

I need to show the interstitial every minut, how can I do it? What I’m doing wrong?

Thanks community

Show your block so that I can understand why its not working.

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Its against admob policy . Place ads with timer sounds irritating. If you do so google will disable your account…

Dont tell him correct blocks . He is posting question again & again. Without making a search i request moderator @Peter
please have a look into this matter.

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I made the search but i did not found the correct answer. Sorry if it looks that I’m double posting.

How I said, with other app’s, the interstitial appearse every time when the clock get’s time (with but now I can only set the interstitial once.

The blocks that I have are:

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When Admob ad show ad set clock 1 timer enable true…

Load the Ad on Clock timer and show it When Ad Loaded. Make sure you’ve set clock timer as Always Fire.
Timer gets enabled on screen initialize.

Why? Who would want to use an app that does that?

Set timer enabled to true
Set timer always fires to true
Set timer interval to 60000
When clock timer call interstitial load ad
When interstitial ad loaded, show interstitial

But according to Google admob this is a police violation, thi is not a good way to show interstitial ads

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And a few members were shouting on me saying that there is no such rule!

T’s only that they don’t know

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Now I have configured my blocks as you have told me and the ad appears every 60 seconds.

But I have a problem: The ad shows just when it loads, just when you open the screen.

How do I configure it so that, once the screen and the ad are loaded, the ad waits 60 seconds to be displayed?

I hope I explained myself well.

My blocks now:


Edit: I think I have to erase Load ad to screen initialize, I’m going to try.

Edit2: Ok I erased the block Screen Initialize - Admob_Inter2 Load ad and now it works how I wanted.

Thanks to all of you for your help :smiley:

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