Replace a current app with the same package name


How can I replace my current app with a new one while keeping the same package name? Essentially, I have an app that is already published on the Play Store, but this app has some issues. I want to start a new project and build the same app to update the current version on the Play Store.

Thanks in advance.

Just set the package name as The app on Google pay. You will not have issues. I did the same

@Holmsync’s advice is spot-on. I would just add that it’s better to ensure the new app you’re building has the same package name as your existing one. This tells the Play Store it’s an update, not a new app. Remember to increase the version number in your app’s build configuration - it’s crucial for the Play Store to recognize it as an update.

Good luck!


Go to Settings >> Publishing >> Scroll Down to see Version Code & Version Name.
Just for Info.

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