Reporting a few bugs

Hello All,

I wish to point out below bugs in the Kodular website.

  1. The splash screen doesn’t go away even after clicking “Do not Show Again”. It comes back upon the next login.
  2. Scrolling in blocks view is not proper. See screenshot.

Hello, adding to the above bugs which are still intact, here are two more, small and harmless ones.

  1. Right clicking near the center of the screen in the blocks view, clicks a menu option automatically. If the menu has enough space to open either up or down there is no problem. So clicking in the bottom or top of blocks editor is ok but clicking anywhere around center is not.

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Hey @freelancer_mudit !

Which browser do you use and what is the screen resolution of the device you use ?

I use chrome and the resolution is 1366x768. It worked normally before the Draco update.