Reproduction Wheel - Accompany Herd - Kodular

Hi guys…
I am new here and now I ask for permission to enter your house.
I wanted your opinion about the image “Wheel of Reproduction” attached here on the forum. For days I am looking for extensions or thinking about something to develop something similar.

Have you seen this type of chart or data to create on kodular?


It would be better to explain this ‘Wheel of reproduction’ concept so it will help other members here, to understand your requirements

Welcome @PATRICK_MEDEIROS_DO_PRADO. There is an extension for graphics, but not this type.

However, using programming logic + database + dynamic components, it may be possible.

“Reproduction Wheel is an application for managing dairy herds. The Reproduction Wheel is a mobile application to assist in the management of dairy herds. The tool allows to monitor in a simple way the productive and reproductive stages of a herd”